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We are 501c3 non-profit parrot adoption organization. We are also 100% volunteer, no paid employees.  We are here to assist parrots in need, whether it is due to a change in family situations, death of their human, abuse, neglect and a multitude of other situations. We will assist you if you are having problems with your parrots behavior in order that you might continue to live together. If we cannot help with an issue we will find someone who can. Our goal is to keep as many birds in their home as possible. Our adoption center is located at 1205 Elizabeth St., Suite I, Punta Gorda, Fl. Come in and visit the birds Tues.-Fri. 10-5, Sat. 10-4 and Sun. 10-3. Sit in our homey Bonding Area with the bird that interests you. We offer free grooming by appointment to our adoptive families or with the purchase of a toy or bag of food. Birds must come in an enclosed carrier for the health of our birds and yours. Our birds are all quarantined and infectious disease tested and we follow strict protocols.

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CHALLENGE ONE:  Loose change…rattling around in pockets, purse bottoms, little nooks and crannies in cars, or maybe just piling up somewhere because no one wants to roll it up or take it to the bank? Personally, I’ve got a  big old relish jar in my scarf drawer that has at least sixty bucks in it, just from dumping the loose change out of my bag! Think about how much your loose change can help the birds at Parrot Outreach this summer!

CHALLENGE TWO:  How many of you (and your friends, co-workers, relatives) have a little personal “vice?” Mine is Pepsi One, I’m ashamed to say, I must have at least a can a day. But you know what I mean — cigarettes, lattes, vape supplies, candy bars, sodas — spending money on all those “vices” can really add up! Six bucks a pack, five bucks a latte, wow! WHAT COULD HAPPEN if each of you now reading this would take the money you spend on just ONE WEEK of your personal “vice,” and set it aside for the birds?


     Right now, we feed between 100-125 pounds of bird pellets EACH WEEK — that adds up to about $225 a week! Add another $50-$75 for fresh foods, plus about $100 a month in bird bread ingredients. Just to feed our 90-some hungry beaks! Who pays our grocery bills? You…our loyal, parrot-loving supporters…with your generous donations and by buying bird supplies in our shop. Now, maybe you can get others involved too! Put out a jar and challenge your friends, co-workers, or your significant other, to see how much vice money you can hoard in a week (or more!). Maybe you can stop smoking or lose a few pounds! Or how about all that loose change just cluttering up your life? But you get the idea!

     That’s the Change Jar Challenge!  Spread the word, tell your friends about the wonderful service we provide….do something, but don’t be complacent. Because I’m willing to bet that most of the people you know don’t even realize we exist! Have fun! Be generous! Give us your vice money, a jar of change, a stack of green, we don’t care! I challenge you! The birds need your help this summer!



Parrot Outreach Society Inc

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We reserve the right to refuse an adoption at any point in the process.

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