About Us

Parrot Outreach Society is a 501c3 non-profit organization whose sole concern is the welfare of parrots in captivity and the wild. We are comprised of a group of dedicated volunteers who are also parrot families. Our purpose is to assist parrots in need of a new home to transition smoothly. When owners can no longer keep their companion parrots we take them in, provide medical help if needed, re-train problem behaviors through positive re-enforcement techniques and provide love and environmental enrichment. Our parrots are provided with appropriate housing, nutritional diet comprised of pellet, fruits and vegetables, birdie bread and other treats. They are given toys and enrichment opportunities enhanced with foraging oppportunities as well. Out of cage time on humans and playstands is provided daily.

We also promote conservation in the wild through educational opportunities in the community. Our volunteers make themselves available to the public to provide support and direction to prevent relinquishment due to behavioral issues. We also assist families in need of temporary food assistance or fostering short term. Parrot Outreach provides a safe haven for birds belonging to victims of domestic violence. We network with other rescues/shelters, local Vets and Animal Control. We are licensed and inspected by FFWC.

We are PETCO partners. We also attend local animal welfare/adoption events throughout the year. Our organization runs solely on donations, grants and adoption fees. All monies earned are used for the care of our charges and to promote the rescue and education. We have no paid employees, no waiting list and each bird is comes through us where it is well known by our volunteers and gets daily interaction.

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All of our birds are tested for infectious diseases, polyoma, PBFD and chlamydia and vet examined. The next step in our plan is to have our birds polyoma vaccinated prior to adoption. It is our hope that in the future, when finances permit, that we can also have a basic avian blood panel done prior to adoption.


Our President and founder is a Registered Nurse, AFA level 2 certified and is also a Certified Avian Specialist, through PIJAC, with 20 yrs. of avian experience in rescue, rehabilitation, behavior training, husbandry and hand feeding. She is also part of the local Pet Friendly Shelter Disaster team and FEMA IS10 certified as well as ICS100 certified for disaster response.

Our Vice President, Paul has experience as an Assistant Manager for a large chain pet store, is AFA level 2 certified and has 18 yrs. of avian experience and has worked in a vets office in the past. Paul has had birds since he started with Finches at the age of 8 and has been with the rescue for 6 yrs. now.


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