Birds Available for Foster





Bonnie is an adult, female Umbrella Cockatoo.  She is a sweet and cuddly girl but the cuddly part leads her into some trouble.  Bonnie is hormonal and has had a vent prolapse surgically repaired.  If her hormonal behavior isn’t handled correctly she has an increased risk of another prolapse. Sometimes even just petting her head will start the panting and straining behavior.  She needs an experienced Cockatoo person who realizes the behavior they are seeing and is able to also realize the risks involved of allowing her to become stimulated.  Bonnie cannot be in a house that has another cockatoo.  




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Ceasar is an adult, blue and gold macaw with allergies.  He can be moody, but is a good boy after he learns that he can trust you.  He is plucked and needs a quiet, preferably one-bird foster home, or onewithout dander-shedders, due to his allergies. 


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