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Adoption donation for large birds is $400


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Rocco is an adult B&G Macaw. He is choosy about who he likes. He has loads of personality and lets you know right away if you are approved. 



Paco is an adult Harlequin Macaw. He is a good boy but we swear his part beaver the way he chews through his toys.





Buffy is an adult B&G Macaw. He prefers men over women. He likes to destruct his toys but is a fairly quiet bird overall.





Blue is an adult, female B&G Macaw, determined by egg laying. Blue is a one person bird! She will choose her new human. Blue is extremely dedicated to her chosen human and will display unlimited trust in that person, even allowing herself to be laid on her back like a baby. No other human in the world may come near Blue or handle her once she has her chosen one. Blue has plucked for many years and shows no sign of being able to re-feather, her follicles are probably damaged  this point.










Sherlock is an adult, DNA female, B&G Macaw. She is a fairly quiet and sweet girl who enjoys time with her human or on a play stand. Sherlock does say a few not nice words that we ignore and the use of those words seems to be less frequent. he also has some nice words to say.





Magoo Magoo is a sweet girl who lived with the same human her entire life until now. She is into the “bald is beautiful” look and likes warm tummy kisses.







Ceasar is a B&G Macaw. Her philosophy is bald is beautiful! Ceasar will probably never grow feathers again, but she is a good bird all the same. She likes warm tummy kisses and head scritches. She also likes to spend time on a play stand her previous owner made for her. 






 Birdie steps up and accepts head scritches and does have a few things to say. She will choose her new human and she is selective in what she wants from her human.  Birdie needs an experienced Macaw person.




Koty is a Blue and Gold Macaw. He seems to prefer men and needs an experienced large bird person.







Carol came to us through Animal Control after she was taken from his owner. She is still working on his basic manners. She will need an experienced, patient and kind human to help him along.







Charley is a B&G Macaw who is as sweet as the day is long once he trusts you. We do not know if Charley is able to grow feathers anymore but hey, bald is beautiful!





Einstein is a B&G Macaw who was given up due to his family’s health issues. He is from a multi-bird home and does well with other birds. He is a sweet boy and would be a wonderful companion for someone.***ADOPTED***






Gilligan was given up due to his family’s health issues. He came from a multi-bird home and does well with other birds. He enjoys time with his human or on a play stand.***ADOPTED***





Max is an adult B&G Macaw. He is a good boy and is looking for someone to share his love with.





Mr. T is a Greenwing Macaw. He has had multiple homes in his life. he is very picky about who he accepts into his world but for the right person is a total sweetheart!





Rio is an adult B&G Macaw who came to us from a rescue that was closing. He takes a little bit to warm up and trust you but once he does be ready for big doses of love!





Shilo is a total doll of a B&G Macaw. He likes most people and is looking for someone to share his life with.





Fargo is a Greenwing Macaw who is tame. He came from a multi-bird household and is good with other birds.




Buddy is an adult B&G Macaw. He was found outside and efforts to locate his owner weren’t successful. He is currently in holding and will need an appointment to meet him.



Sadie is an adult female B&G Macaw. She is learning some manners right now but is going to make a wonderful companion for someone.




Pop Pop is an adult believed to be male B&G Macaw. He is tame and sweet but must choose you. He barbers his tail but is in perfect feather otherwise.









BooBoo is an adult Sulphur Crest Cockatoo. He can be a handful and needs an experienced Cockatoo person. ***ADOPTED***






Belvy is an adult, male Moluccan Cockatoo. He is a bit skittish and takes some time to get to know you. Belvy and Journey need a home together. They do not share a cage but were in a divided double Macaw cage together for 7 yrs.***ADOPTED***





Journey is an adult, female Moluccan Cockatoo. She is a total sweetheart! Journey and Belvy need to be adopted together. They shared a divided double Macaw cage for 7 yrs. They cannot be housed together without a divider.***ADOPTED***












Bonnie is an adult, female Umbrella Cockatoo. She is a sweet and cuddly girl but the cuddly part leads her into some trouble. Bonnie is hormonal and has had a vent prolapse surgically repaired. If her hormonal behavior isn’t handled correctly she has an increased risk of another prolapse. Sometimes even just petting her head will start the panting and straining behavior. She needs an experienced Cockatoo person who realizes the behavior they are seeing and is able to also realize the risks involved of allowing her to become stimulated.  Bonnie cannot be in a house that has another cockatoo.  





Tiko is an adult, male Umbrella Cockatoo. He totally loves women but is outwardly aggressive toward men. He is looking for an all female household.





Peaches is an adult, believed to be female, Moluccan Cockatoo. She is a sweet girl but a little shy. Does better with women than men.***ADOPTED***






Cracker is a female Moluccan Cockatoo. She is a mutilator and will most likely need to be in a collar for the rest of her life. She is a totally sweet love bug, even after the neglect she faced in her previous home. She is looking for someone to call her own.***ADOPTED***


Rainbow is a sweet Mobrella Cockatoo, a cross between a Moluccan and an Umbrella. She is  looking for someone to share her life and love with.***ADOPTED***



Nikki is an Umbrella Cockatoo, she does pluck and is in a collar for a small wound on her chest that is self inflicted. Nikki must choose you.***ADOPTED***






Chicken is a Sulphur Crested Cockatoo who is a woman only bird. He does not like glasses or hats and he prefers women. Chicken is a bit vocal at times but is a loving, gentle companion with his chosen one. He does say his name and hello but not much else.



CoCo Kiwi

CoCo Kiwi is one sweet boy who enjoys head scratches and time on his human!***ADOPTED***



Parrot Outreach Society reserves the right to refuse an adoption at its sole discretion. This can happen at any point during the adoption process.

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