Medium Birds


Adoption donation for medium size birds is $300


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Bud is a Yellow Collar Macaw who came to us after being abandoned in an eviction process. He is sweet but is a bit nervous so he takes a little time to trust new people.***ADOPTED***







Paco is an adult male Yellow Nape Amazon. He is tame but prefers to just hang out with you and skip the cuddles and scratches. He does have a few things to say when he feels like it.





Teeka is an adult Yellow Nape Amazon. (S)he is a sweet bird, especially for an Amazon. Tech is looking for a human to share her life with.








Big Bird is an elderly Bluefront Amazon whose Mom’s deteriorating health forced her to give him up. Big Bird is a special needs kind of fellow. His spine is not properly formed and his feet are deformed as well. Big Bird has a platform perch in his cage but refuses to use it, instead sitting on a regular perch. He refuses to believe there is an issue with his body. He also has cataracts and sometimes he gets a little poo stuck on his butt feathers and needs some help washing it off. Big Bird is looking for a quiet home to spend the rest of his life in.







Olive is a sweet Red Lored Amazon who was given up due to her Mom’s health. She came from a multi bird household. Her chest feathers wee over preened when she came in and very mildly plucked. She is now letting them grow back in and seems to not be preening so much. She is a sweet and gentle soul once she gets to know you.





Kermit came to us via Animal Control. He is new to our facility and we are trying to get to know him. He is a bit standoffish but shows no sign of aggression. We will update as we get to know him better.






Popeye came in when his Mom could no longer care for him. He is a bit picky about being touched but will step up. He was on an all seed diet but has converted to pellet quickly.



Charlie is a Bluefront Amazon who can be very co-dependent on other birds. He had a buddy, Paco, but she had begun to be very aggressive to him. We had to separate them due to safety issues.  He is tame and can be very sweet. Charlie is in his 30′s. 





Ripley is an adult 20 something Yellow Nape Amazon. He is a man’s man and can be aggressive to women. He is looking for a bachelor pad to hang out in with other guys. Ripley ha slots to say and will even warn you when he wants to bite by saying “bad bird”



Mr. Pepper

Sammy is an Mexican Redhead Amazon who is tame and a bit timid. He does have some toe that are not perfect and he needs to step onto a broad surface to keep his balance. He is a total love sponge once he gets to know you.  






Mr. Pepper is a wild caught Orangewing Amazon. He is tame but only steps onto an arm with a long sleeve covering it.






Mike is an Orange Wing Amazon.  He is new to our facility and we are still getting to know him. Mike has a lot to say, he enjoys playing with his toys roughly and hanging from the top of his cage and swinging. 



Neil Armstrong


Neil Armstrong is a 46 yr old Orangewing Amazon. He came to us when his Dad became unable to care for him due to health issues. He spent his entire life with his Dad. He was on a full seed diet when he came in and has some fatty liver disease going on from the poor diet but the rest of his blood work was normal. We now have him Nutri-Berry Senior pellet berry which contains milk thistle and dandelion root to help reduce the fat in his liver. He is a bit shy but is sweet once he gets to know you. He is looking for a quiet home to call his own. Neil is growing new feathers!







Michael is a beautiful Blue print Amazon whose human died. he has come to live with us until he finds a new human. Michael is tame but must trust you.


Bob Gigi

Bob & Gigi are a bonded pair of Yellow Nape Amazons. They are not tame, though they did interact with their Dad according to family. They show great potential to be companions but will need some time and patience and an experienced Amazon person to work with them.





George is a Bluefront Amazon who came to us from a rescue that is closing. He lets you know right away if he likes you or not. Come and meet George and see if you are his chosen human.





Sugar is a Bluefront Amazon who was given up due to her parents health. She is a friendly bird, looking for her new human.





Thunder is an elderly Blueprint Amazon. He lost his home due to his owners health. He must get to know you before he lets his full personality shine.***ADOPTED***




 photo 59772966-7301-4a3b-bdc8-1403da10fa75_zps8e3091ca.jpg

Kasha, left and Misha, right, are Rosebreasted Cockatoos. This duo is sweet and charming.  Misha is bald on his chest but is such a doll. He will ask you “whatcha doing” and “give me kisses”. Misha is extremely outgoing and Kasha follows. These 2 love to spend time on  a play stand or their human.   ***ADOPTED***



                                                                AFRICAN GREYS



Bella Grey

Bella is a Congo African Grey who is not really tame and can be phobic at times. She needs a quiet house where people will accept her as she is.



ZuieZuie is an adult Congo African Grey who seems to prefer women. His Mom died and he came to us to find a new Mom.***ADOPTED***



Phineas 56 PheobePhineas and Phoebe are sibling Congo African Grey, sex undetermined. They are hand tame. Usually Phineas must be the first to step up out of the cage and Pheobe will follow afterward. They are long standing pluckers and may not be able to re-grow feathers.***ADOPTED***






Lady is an ex breeder bird whose Dad died and she had lost her mate. Lady did step up on a hand from her flight cage when we picked her up. She is not completely tame but will be with some work.***BEHAVIORAL HOLD***





Bronzy is an adult Bronze Wing Pionus. He shares his life with Azzie, a Sun Conure, and they must be adopted together. Bronzy is afraid of hands while his buddy Azzie is happy to hop up on your hand and get head scratches.





Maggie is an adult Maxamillian Pionus. She is not fond of hands in her cage but will step up from the cage door. maggie needs someone who has a lot of time to spend with her and win her trust. She is a gentle natured bird.





Squeak is an adult, male Maximillion Pionus. He will not be available until late Oct.




Parrot Outreach Society reserves the right to refuse an adoption at its sole discretion. This can happen at any point during the adoption process.
























































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