Small Birds




Adoption donation for small birds ranges from $10-$175



Adoption Application2


















This is a flock of 5 Cockatiels, Butch, Sundance, Cokey, Oscar, Casper and 1 Parakeet, Bam. They want to be adopted together. All are semi tame.


Cheeko is part of a flock of 4, he is not tame. We would like to see him go with a flock mate so he is not lonely.






Cloudy & Dexter are a bonded pair of Cockatiels. They are not tame and must be adopted together.







Kizmet is a Nanday Conure. He has tremors that we believe resulted from an old head injury. He is not tame but could be with some work.






Remi is an adult Hybrid Conure who is semi tame. Will fly to your shoulder and ride around up there but does not like hands touching him.







Azzie is a sweet adult Sun Conure. She shares her life with Bronzy, a Bronze Wing Pionus and they must be adopted together. As hops right up onto a hand to enjoy head scratches.







Zane & Lilo are a bonded pair of Hybrid Macaws. These 2 must be adopted together.





Rainier, Hybrid Conure, and Sequoia, Sunday Conure, are a bonded pair. They must be adopted together. Rainier has a slow heart rate but no treatment recommended.



Reece Dundee


Reece and Dundee are a bonded pair of Hybrid Conures. They must be adopted together. Dundee has a left eye defect but it does not affect him.







Daisy, Sun Conure, and Gorgeous, Sunday Conure, are a bonded pair and must be adopted together.***ADOPTED***






Brandy, a Sun Conure and Squeege, a Sunday Conure are a bonded pair and must be adopted together. Cosy has a slow heart rate but no murmur so there is nothing to do to treat.



Wizzard:Ajax:Buster Wiggles:Ajzx:Buster


Ajax, Buster and Wizzard are a triplet set of boys. They must be adopted together.









Sunny and Jackie are best of buds Sun Conures. They are semi tame but could be completely tame with time and patience. They are looking for a home together where their human will spend time working with them to build trust or will provide them with an extra large Conure flight cage with lots of toys and goodies and allow them to just enjoy each others company.  







Bangles (plucked neck) and Trooper are a bonded pair of hybrid Conures.  semi tame and need someone with patience to work with them.






ChaCha (Sun Conure) and Wiggles (Hybrid Conure) are a bonded pair of semi tame Conures. They are not aggressive but do shy away from hands. They need someone with some patience to work with them on step up. ChaCha is missing his 4th toe left his left foot. He also has a significant heart murmur. Blood panel was normal per vet.







Cookie(more red on the head) and CeeCee are a bonded pair of Hybrid Conures. Cookie got his/her name because (s)he asks if you want a cookie≥ Cookie is a bit mischievous while CeeCee kind of sits back and takes it all in.



Gummy Bear



Gummy Bear is an adult Hybrid Conure. He is a bit nervous of hands but is working on accepting that they can provide good things. He likes to play with his toys and eats whatever you give him.






India is a female Hybrid Conure. She is not tame but is not aggressive. She will be working on trust and step up while waiting for her new family to come and choose her.





Java & Jazzy are a bonded pair of Hybrid Conures. They are cautious of hands but are working on trust. They must be adopted together. Java was found to have a galloping heart rate but no treatment advised.





Mooch, Hybrid Conure and Gem, Sunday Conure, are a bonded pair.  Gem does pluck her chest but we have not seen any plucking since she came to us. They are working on trust and step up. Gem has a small defect of her left beak from an old injury. It does not impede her in any way.






Mandoah is an adult Nanday Conure. He must choose you. His plucking is long standing and he will probably never grow feathers again.








Patches is an adult Hybrid Conure who is semi-tame.





Cosy is an adult, semi-tame Hybrid Conure. He will fly to your shoulder and sit there but no touching is allowed.





Trebella is an adult Hybrid Conure. She is a shy girl and is semi-tame.




Buddy is an adult Brown Throat Conure. He must choose you or he can be nippy. He has loads of personality, like most small Conures, he also has a big attitude.







Jackie & Sunny are a bonded pair of Sun Conures. They are semi tame and need someone who is willing to work with them or accept them as they are.


Petey is a senior Nanday Conure. He is a sweet little guy who is looking for a quiet home to live out his life.


This bonded pair of Nanday Conures came to us without names. Both are sweet but one is a little more shy than the other. We have named them Andy & Corky.


Scooter is a 5 yr old Pineapple Greencheek Conure. He is hand tame.***ADOPTED***


Dusty is an adult Dusky Conure. he is hand tame and enjoys time spent on your shoulder. ***PENDING ADOPTION***







Teedo is an adult, believed to be male Quaker. He is typical Quaker and is territorial of his home but outside of his cage he is a good boy.





These 2 came to us as Roger & Patrick, but we have since discover that Patrick is Patty, she has laid eggs. These two are very bonded and need a home together. They need a human who will provide fake eggs and not encourage nesting behavior. Both are tame and sweet when there are no eggs to defend.






Cujo is a Quaker Parakeet.  Cujo will be working on his social skills while awaiting her new home. She is a really cute little girl that just needs some training, time and love. Cujo has had a break through and seems to enjoy men. She is now accepting scritches from some men.




Paco & Maxine

Paco & Maxine are a pair of Quaker parrots who are looking for a home together. They are tame and sweet once away from their cage but are cage territorial while in the cage.





Jazzy2Jazzy is a sweet little Quaker who likes to ask for kisses by saying, “give me a kiss”. She is a typical Quaker and doesn’t care much for hands in her cage but is a total doll outside of the cage. 






Annie was turned over to us by Sun Coast Humane Society after being relinquished to them. She is a cute little one with a little streak of Quaker orneriness.





Baby & Birdie are a bonded pair of Quakers. They are full of antics and love to capture your attention. They must be adopted together.







Sweetie is an adult, female Quaker. She appears thin but is of normal weight, she just has no chest muscle from lack of flight for many years.





Rascal Quaker








Rascal is an adult Quaker who is typical Quaker. He is cage territorial but a sweetheart outside the cage.



SunshineQuaker PeachesSenegal









Sunshine & Peaches came to us after their human died. Sadly their names were known but we do not know which bird named Peaches or which is named Sunshine.***ADOPTED***












Cosmo is a sweet little Quaker who has a splayed leg. He does use the foot to aid in climbing and perching. He plucks some as well but has so much love to give!                                                    













Roxie is an adult Sun Conure. She is a new intake and we have not gotten to know her well yet. Right now she is a bit frightened so we are waiting for her to settle in.











Sunny is an adult Sun Conure who is also a new intake so we are waiting for him to settle in.








Cosmo is a shy little Meyers parrot who is looking for a new home. You will need to win him over if you want to take him home. ***PENDING ADOPTION***





Lily is a sweet hand tame Lovebird.  


Parrot Outreach Society reserves the right to refuse an adoption at its sole discretion. This can happen at any point during the adoption process.






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