Sponsor A Bird

Macaws & Cockatoos: $25.00          Amazons & African Greys:  $20.00

   Eclectus & Pionus:  $15.00                Parakeet, Canary & Finches:  $10.00

Conures, Love Birds, Cockatiels & Quaker Parrots:  $10.00


If you are unable to adopt or foster a bird, do physical labor or drive to events maybe our sponsor a bird program is an option for you. We have a few birds that need long term care. Each month we will post 1 or 2 birds that have been with us over 6 months and could really use a sponsor to help defray the cost of food, toys, caging, treats or medical care. These will be the birds that most need a sponsor, but any bird in our care can be sponsored until it is adopted. Sponsorships can be paid through the Paypal donate button at the bottom of the page. Simply put a message with the donation stating that it’s to sponsor a bird and which one.  You may also pay for Sponsorship at our location.




1. A picture of your bird emailed to you.

2. A monthly update on your sponsored bird.

3. A certificate of sponsorship

4. Your name placed under the bird’s picture & description on our website




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