Basic Bird Care

Before adopting or purchasing a bird please realize the expense in keeping them happy and healthy!  They need the largest size cage possible to allow for exercise.  Toys are required in abundance, they need to be different textures and sizes.  Foraging opportunities are a must.  Since these creatures have an inner instinct to hunt for food.  Educate yourself so you may provide them a safe and happy life.  Know what is harmful to them in order to prevent a tragedy.  They need a variety in their diet of pellet, seed, fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and all in the proper quantities.  Make sure you can provide enough out of cage time.  Please realize they are not a piece of furniture, novelty or a decorative item for your home.  They require love and nurturance daily.  They depend on you for every one of their basic needs but reward you a hundred times over with love and gratitude!

   Please be able to provide them with what they crave and desire.  A life rich in food, free time to move about and forage.  Items to stimulate their natural curiosity.  They are very intelligent creatures, some say as intelligent as a 2-5 yr. old child, but do not place this expectation upon them only to disappoint yourself and your companion.  They have their own type of intelligence.  Do not get a bird thinking it will talk or provide you with what you need, they are totally dependent on us, not the other way around!






Need wing trims? How about those pointy toenails or beak?  Local bird grooming is available along with behavioral counseling for you and your bird!

We provide free grooming by appointment.





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