Your Parrots Home - Your parrots home is a very important part of it’s life. If you are a working parent, even more so. Your bird’s cage is it’s refuge from real or perceived threats, it’s roost for the night, it’s play area and it’s dining room. When purchasing a cage for your bird, bigger is better. There should be room for your bird… ... Continue Reading
Girlfriend the Severe Macaw - One day I received a call from breeder, she had a Severe Macaw, with polyps, that could no  longer produce. Rather than have her euthanized, she wanted us to take her into the rescue. Girlfriend arrived in a small cage with 1 perch and no toys. Her job had been to make babies for the past 15 yrs. I was… ... Continue Reading
Cuddling and Your Cockatoo - So many times I see the statement, “don’t cuddle your Cockatoo” followed by all different kinds of reasons. I feel really bad for the Cockatoos whose owners blindly follow this advice. Blanket statements like this can sometimes cause more harm than good.  Imagine being a Cockatoo whose human cuddles him in their arms or under the blanket. They may play… ... Continue Reading
Things to Think About Before Adopting a Bird - Having a companion bird is a much longer commitment than bringing home a dog or a cat. Birds can live from 15 yrs to 80 yrs, yes that little Parakeet can live 15 yrs., Cockatiels 30, Macaws 80. Their longevity and your age should be factors that are seriously consider before deciding to share your life with a companion parrot.… ... Continue Reading
Who Is the Real Expert? - With the advent of FB many people have come “experts” regarding all things parrot. You will find groups on about every topic imaginable in relation to parrots. Groups for food advice, first aid groups, behavior groups, groups that “specialize” in certain species, etc. Please always keep in mind that the people on the other side of your computer screen are… ... Continue Reading
How We Do What We Do - Have you ever wondered where all the birds at Parrot Outreach Society come from? Or how we pay to care for our birds? Why we ask an adoption fee and for a donation when relinquishing a bird to our care. I can answer these questions for you here. The birds in our care come from families who can no longer… ... Continue Reading
Taking Your Bird Outside -  I am frequently asked 2 questions regarding having birds outside. Can they live on a lanai? Can they survive if we turn them loose outside? The answer to the second question is a resounding “No”! Companion parrots do not know how to search for food. They do not know how to find water to drink. Most of all they do… ... Continue Reading