“Belle” the Moluccan Cockatoo

Paired Moluccans Both birds are physically magnificent. Belle is the first to lower her head for petting. Ko is timid in the beginning. Neither bird steps up while on, in the cage. They do step up when on the floor. It appears they previously spent their days outside of their individual cages and continue to prefer to  perch and preen each other on the roofs of their cages. Belle and Ko are quite loud for a few seconds on top of their cages in the morning. They then  do a very good Stevie Wonder before starting their day. Both umbrellas have a good variety in their diet. They seem to like most of the foods that have been presented. At the end of the day they are lured back into their cages with a variety of treats in the food dishes./span>

Species-Cacatua moluccensis

Sex - female

Age / Hatch Date:


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