“Bonnie” the Umbrella Cockatoo

Bonnie AKA Ms Bonnie An umbrella that has won the heart of many. In the past Bonnie had an operation for a prolapsed uterus. She enjoys watching the macaws from her cage. One of her favorite activities is tearing up rope toys on “her sofa”. Bonnie loves most women and trusts her male doctor. Given the opportunity she will remove your scabs, freckles, and moles. For a treat Bonnie likes to eat the end of a banana, a slice of apple, and walnuts.Bonnie has had 3 previous prolapse surgeries, 2 were purse string repairs and the 3rd was an open abdominal surgery to repair prolapse. Egg laying behavior must be discouraged or she could face another surgery if she prolapses again. She needs an experienced Cockatoo person who understands prolapse, hormonal behavior and how to discourage it. UPDATE: Bonnie was recently seen again by the vet and he feels there is a strong chance she could prolapse again as she is fighting hormones during Too breeding season. We will be holding her for awhile but we do have a vet tech who previously had a Cockatoo with a prolapse and is interested in giving her a home. /strong>

Species - Cacatua alba

Sex - Female

Age / Hatch Date: Approx 12 years old

Preferences: Likes women

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