“Kori” the Moluccan Cockatoo

Moluccan who is simply physically perfect. His first 15 years was spent in a barn. A vet removed three talons on each foot. He has no difficulty getting around. Kori imitates horses, chickens, and a fire alarm. Kori was rescued and lived with a woman for five years, on five acres of land. Since coming to the Outreach Kori has made tremendous progress. He will step up. When he sits on top of his cage he continuously checks out the surroundings. He has only twice gotten off of his cage. When given a command, Kori needs additional time to process what was said. When Kori has his back to you he does not like to be touched on his back. He will quickly turn and “fake “ bite. All treats should be put directly into his food dish. Kori has much to learn. Given time and patience he will be a wonderful, loving companion.

Species- Cacatua moluccensis

Sex - male

Age / Hatch Date:


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