“Rocky” the Moluccan Cockatoo

Rocky was born without a tail, but it does not interfere with his ability to fly. Physically he is quite beautiful and strong. Rocky enjoys sitting on his play stand throwing his small toys on the floor. A human is suppose to pick them up and place them back in the cups, that are attached to the stand. Left on his own Rocky will sit on the top of his cage and do the very best Stevie Wonder imitation. He can readily entertain himself in the cage. Rocky laughs and says “Rocky, Rocky Top”.  His other words are difficult to understand. Rocky will not step up while he is in his cage. On the floor he does so readily. When approaching Rocky do so slowly and speak quietly. He will lower his head to be petted. If you attempt to touch his back before he is comfortable with you, he will “ fake nip” at you. Rocky will go back into his cage when told to do so. He learned this after only a weeks of being with us. A soft voice, slow movements, and not rushing him to trust you is what is needed to win Rocky. He is truly a magnificent bird.

Species- Cacatua moluccensis

Sex - male

Age / Hatch Date:

Preferences: men but does like women as well

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