“Skooter” the Moluccan Cockatoo

This Moluccan is without a doubt the most adorable, loving bird in the room. Skooter wears a vest and felt collar due to the fact that he mutilates. This is something he will deal with the rest of his life. Skooter greets everyone with a,  “Hello” and will continue saying this until he is acknowledged. He plays with a wiffle ball, throwing and catch it. He will search for objects on the floor to bring to his human playmate. He will follow his person waiting to “help them” with whatever chore needs to be done. Skooter likes women and men. He seems to be most comfortable in a small setting as a large gathering of children appears to intimidate him.

Species-Cacatua moluccensis

Sex - male

Age / Hatch Date:


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Adopted, Cockatoos, Large Bird, Moluccan Cockatoo