Before adopting or buying a parrot know these facts!

1.   Parrots have very long life spans, some up to 80 years.  In consequence of   these life spans you will need to make arrangements for your parrot in your will.

2.   Parrots are very social and intelligent creatures who require attention, love and stimulation inorder to prevent boredom that leads to undesirable behaviors.

3.   Parrots are loud and messy!   Plan for your flock to wake you at sunrise and celebrate the day’s end at dusk.

4.  Not all parrots talk.  Do not purchase/adopt a certain species of parrot just because they are known to talk!  No 2 birds are alike and some chose not to talk!

5.  Parrots are expensive to care for properly.  They require a good daily diet that includes pellet, fresh fruits, vegetables and treats.  In addition to the food bill, there is the cost of housing, toys, perches and cleaning supplies.  Also plan for veterinarian expenses.

6.  Parrots are destructive.  If you do not supply them with their own things to destruct, such as toys, they will into your belongings.  Even worse, they may resort to destroying themselves, such as feather plucking and self mutilation. Left unattended they will destroy walls, furniture and anything else they find of interest to cull their curiosity and boredom. 

7.  If they are cared for and treated properly, they will provide you with a lifetime of companionship and love.   Remember, they are not here to help us but for us to help them.  Do not expect them to be a child for they are a parrot. They are dependent on us for everything in their life!