First Aid

You will find below the recommended items for a bird first aid kit as well as websites regarding bird first aid. The best choice is always your avian vet or emergency vet!



Recommended Contents for a Bird First Aid Kit:

- 1/2″ Adhesive Tape
- A means for providing warmth (i.e., heat lamp, heat pad or bottle)
- Antibiotic Ointment
- Baby Blankets
- Betadine (for belly buttons)
- BFI powder (to stop bleeding)
- Bottled Water
- Hospital Cage
- Cage Covering
- Gauze Bandages / Pads (sterile)
- High Protein Baby Food (whatever your vet  recommends)
Incubator (only needed if breeding / caring for eggs)
- Hemostats
- Hospital Isolettes
Hydrogen Peroxide Solution (3%)
- Insulin Needles
- Lactated ringers
- Needle Nose Pliers
- Nekton-Tonic
- Neocalglucon
- Nolvasan disinfectant
- Non-stick bandages
- Paper Towels
- Plastic Medicine Dropper
- Quick Stop (do not use on bird’s skin or blood feather – risk of toxicity, tissue damage) OK to use on nails
- Revitalizing Solution
- Ricelyte/Pedialyte
- Rubbing Alcohol
- Scissors
- Small Flashlight
- Styptic Powder
- Syringes (various sizes / feeding tubes)
- Thermometer
- Travel Cage (for taking your bird to the vet)
- Tweezers
- Rubber Tubes (various sizes to empty the crop)
- Vet’s / ER phone number / Directions
- Phone Number for Local Poison Control Authority
- Serene-UM for Birds, an anti-stress formula to help calm your bird.
Manuals & Books to Guide You