Your birds cage must allow for exercise, entertainment and self expression. Bigger is better when it comes to parrot cages! Minimum cage requirements dictate that the cage diameter or smallest floor space should be at least twice the span of fully extended wings. Minimum height should be at least 1 1/2 times the length of the bird from head to the end of the tail feathers.

   Correct bar spacing is imperative to prevent your parrot from getting it’s head stuck between the bars which can end in injury or even death. Bar thickness must also be considered. Large species have the beak strength to bend thin bars.

   The cage needs to have at least 2 sides of horizontal bars for easy climbing. Parrots can climb vertical barsbut it is more difficult. make sure all welds are smooth without rough edges that can cause injury.

   The cage needs to be placed where your bird can get direct sunlight without overheating or lack of shade. The cage should be placed against a wall to provide a feeling of security.

   Natural perches of varied diameter provide exercise for the parrots feet as well as the fun of peeling bark. A nail trimming perch can also be added. Perches should not be covered in sand paper as it can cause sores to the feet.

Food and water bowls should be stainless steel. Bowls need to be disinfected every day.    


Large Macaw and Cockatoo Cage




Amazon, Small Cockatoo  


Quaker, Cockatiel, Conure


Canary, Parakeet, Love Bird                                                                             



You should provide your bird with a large variety of toys for intellectual stimulation. There should always be some destructible toys in the variety. Inspect toys for loose or broken pieces, bolts,etc. Ropes should be inspected daily for loose threads and if found the threads should be removed. Loose threads can wrap around toes impeding circulation which can lead to amputation of a toe. Toys should be checked for lead content and should not be made of rubber. Boxes and paper bags can provide for hours of entertainment.

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Your parrot needs a cage so it knows its place in the home. The cage is also a refuge from danger, actual or perceived. It also provides a place to roost at night.

 Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 10.38.02 PM

A good playstand/perch is a great investment for your companion. It can help provide for hours of play time and allow your bird to travel around the house with you.

 Java-Wood-Tree play stand1