If you feel you can no longer provide for your companion for whatever reason please contact us.

   If your bird has a behavioral problem that is causing you to want to relinquish please contact us. We will try to help with the problem or guide you to someone else who can. We want nothing more than to help you  keep your companion!

   If you are in a temporary crisis, contact us. We may be able to help and to keep your parrot without total relinquishment. We offer temporary/emergency fostering on a case by case basis, free of charge.

We have recently started a new program as a safe haven for victims of domestic violence. We will house your bird in a safe and loving environment while you get on your feet. We realize many women/men will not leave an abuser due to their beloved family pet being left behind, we are here to help.

   Our goal is to help as many parrots as possible to remain with their owners and if that is not possible, to provide a loving and nurturing environment for the parrots in our care until a permanent home is found. Below is a relinquishment form that we ask you to fill out prior to relinquishing your parrot. This helps us to know and understand your parrots likes and dislikes so that we may better provide for them. We do NOT charge a fee to take your parrot into our flock, but donations are always welcome! Each bird will be considered and evaluated before coming into our flock. Please understand, we do NOT refuse a bird because it is not hand tame or because it has health or behavioral issues. We simply ask that you fully disclose this information to us so we may serve the bird in the best manner possible. You MUST make an appointment to relinquish your bird!

Contact: or call 941-347-8876

Release Form